meChat – A complete chat system

meChat – A complete chat system

What’s this ?

meChat is a flexible and easily adaptable chat application, it can be easily adapted to PHP and MySQL websites, there are many applications to it, for example: real state websites, forums, communications and others.

What’s new? v1.3

  • Formatting text with line breaks.
  • Formatting text with emoji images.
  • Transformation of emoji characters to images.
  • Youtube video preview.
  • Messages with user picture.
  • Fixed the slow with update of tabs.

Kit with example

See the structure of meChat files.

Features and benefits

  • Open source
  • Easy integration
  • Easily adjustable
  • Manager & Installer
  • Rich documentation
  • Responsive design
  • Image upload
  • Twitter Emojis
  • Change colors easily
  • Sound notification
  • Receive messages in the background
  • Friendship system
  • Adapted for mobile devices (iOS & Android)
  • & much more (read the documentation)

Easy Integration & Easily Adjustable Installer Manager Open source Adapted for Mobile

Basic requirements

  • HTTP Server (with PHP => 5.1)
  • PHP: PDO Extension
  • PHP: PDO MySQL Driver
  • MySQL Server
  • MySQL: Database
  • jQuery: version => 1.7
  • All folders are allowed to create, change and delete


This documentation is rich in information! It will help you get started, good practices, functions and settings.

Go to the documentation.

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meChat - A complete chat system