Magnoliyan Video Chat PRO

Magnoliyan Video Chat PRO

Please check the requirements bellow.
For any questions please check our FAQ and How to videos first.
Magnoliyan Video Chat PRO (mgVideoChat) is full featured video communication system with integrated text chat available directly within your web browser. You can consider it as online web based Skype, but without the requirement to install any additional software, plugin nor flash.
There is unlimited number of use cases: online live video chat support, private rooms, community chat rooms…
Compared to standard Video Chat PRO version features: group (conference) video chat, file transfer, chat roulette mode
Unlike some other systems, Magnoliyan Video Chat PRO includes full featured server side “signaling” engine: you can see who is online, click to call, click to end call, send text messages. You can even mark certain users as operators which are able to receive calls while all others can just make calls.
There is special plugin system for authorization php classes but Magnoliyan Video Chat PRO comes with built in support for facebook login and wordpress accounts. It’s even possible to use different authorization system per chat room.


  • Pure HTML 5 RTC video chat system
  • Group (conference) video chat
  • file transfer
  • Chat Roulette mode
  • PHP server side signaling system included
  • No additional software nor accounts needed
  • No DB needed
  • Mobile friendly responsive interface
  • Facebook authorization support
  • WordPress authorization support
  • Extendable authorization system
  • Created with Bootstrap 3
  • Ability to define chat rooms
  • Ability to define callable operators

file transfer is currently available only between same browsers and chrome speed is about 2KB/s


In order to run Magnoliyan Video Chat PRO server side you need:

  • shell access on the server
  • PHP 5.3.9 (or higher) is required. PHP 5.4 is highly recommended for its performance improvements
  • Available port open on a firewall, for example 8080
  • Above average php5 and linux knowledge. You should be familiar with terms like linux shell, IP, domain, port, daemon, firewall to run this software. Besides logistic support, we don’t provide installation and server administration services.
  • The system currently cannot run over https on firefox, though there’s possible 3rd party work-around described here
  • Due to the direct media P2P communication limitations you might need to install and run your own TURN server. You can use this open source implementation here

In order to run Magnoliyan Video Chat PRO client side you need to:

  • host it on a domain (even local/private virtual domain can work for testing purposes)
  • for facebook authorization, create your own facebook login app pointing to that domain. Please read this tutorial for more information
  • newer modern browsers like Chrome or Firefox (excluding IE) which support HTML5 technologies: WebSocket, RTCPeerConnection, UserMedia
  • Average javascript knowledge. You should be familiar with browser’s error console

In order to investigate if you will be able to run this software on your server please check out this tool.

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