LiveSupport System

LiveSupport System

LiveSupport System is designed to enable clients to get you quick and quality support when they misunderstood something or want more information about something.

  • Live chat without page refreshing
  • Bootstrap 3 ready
  • jQuery ready
  • Nice chat interface
  • Install Wizard
  • Full documentation
  • History manager (Filter by visitor name, email or ip)
  • Fast messages (help operator to reply fast to client)
  • Integrate plugin function (auto-generate code to integrate it in your website)
  • Configure plugin function (config some system settings like a when chat is online or offline and etc.)

and more.. preview it here:
Chat demo:
Operator demo: Operator username: operator
Operator password: 123456
Update 1.1:

  • Added sound notification for operator when receive new message
  • Fixed little bug

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