gAnalytics Automated Reports in mail

gAnalytics Automated Reports in mail

Generate Automated Google Analytics Reports and receive it directly into a mail !

Features :

  • Reports with :
    • top 10 : Country, Mobile Device,Source, Social Network Referrals & Activities, Page
    • top Visits / hour
    • key user metrics : Visits, Visitors, Bounce Rate, Page views, Pages/visit…
    • and much more…
  • Set the report frequency : daily, weekly or monthly
  • No need to open an attachment file
  • Unlimited domain tracking
  • Watch in 1 minute useful key indicators
  • Unlimited Domain tracking
  • The script include a comprehensive guide
  • Set a cron job to get the report whenever you want
  • No database needed

*Requirement : Google Analytics account, PHP with mail(), Cron job (if needed). Use GAPI class
Please, note that the user guide is in english. So if you don’t understand english, we can’t help so much because we communcate in english (we can in french too). 2 Buyers reviewed our script with a score of 1 /5 (even we offer a refund) because we can’t communicate if it’s not in english. . So if you are in this case, please don’t buy our item
How it works?
Only 2 steps :
Step 1: Enter all the information to create the configuration file (see the live demo) Step 2: Create the report using the main file, or use a crontab to generate the report repeatedly (eg hourly, daily or weekly)
New version 1.1 : Generate the configuration file via a webpage (see the demo)
New version 2 : OAuth2 and V3 authentication support

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