G2 Cloud Music Player

G2 Cloud Music Player

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G2 Cloud Music Player
The G2 Cloud Music Player allows users to upload their favorite MP3s to a server and listen to them wherever they can access the internet. That music can be streamed to desktops and mobile devices. Users can create and organize playlists in the backend that will be displayed in the G2 Cloud Music Player application. A music lover can upload songs to his personal playlist and jam anywhere. Recording artists can present a public playlist to his fans and keep them updated with new singles.


  • Admin backend to create and edit playlists with drag and drop functionality
  • Automatic ID3 tag detection
  • Option to make your MP3 player password protected
  • Four skins to choose from (more can easily be added with a little CSS editing)
  • Customize name of MP3 player
  • Continuous looped playlists
  • Responsive design
  • Flash audio player with browsers that support Flash and HTML5 audio for those that do not
  • 60 second installation
  • No direct links to MP3 files
  • Dynamically generated audio streams

If you have any questions or need support do not post a comment. Send me an email.

If you have any suggestions or ideas for improvement of this application post a comment.

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G2 Cloud Music Player