Find Unused Files

Find Unused Files

Clean your project folders removing all unused files.

This program and class were constructed to find any occurrence of files in certain folders in your textual source code in certain folders. If it is not found, it is shown to you as a tree-view. So you can click in the file, it opens to you and you can check if it is actually an unused files that you need to remove or not.

  • Want to find out which files are not part of your source code?
  • Do you reuse code and always left some unused images, css, javascript files behind?

This easy to use system will help you find out the files that are not part of your project

Easy to use

  1. Upload the files in your host server
  2. Access the index.php and click search

It will show to you all the files that has no link in the source files. Just click in the file name to view its file source.


You have option to change the default files and source folders in the form. Moreover, in the class you can even dictated some folders that should be visited.

How it works?

This PHP program and well documented PHP class were constructed to find any occurrence of files (in the files folder) in the source (in the source folder). It will track all files inside the pre-defined folder (and its subfolders).

Find Unused Files Demo

Visit our demo here.

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