Facebook Premium Client Application

Facebook Premium Client Application

Did you ever dream to have your Facebook wall, posts, friends news and their comments inside your own website? You have it. This Facebook client application enables you to get that and much more. You can even comment on Facebook posts or update your status.

– Facebook connect and Graph API integration.
– Display your friends news, your wall and posts.
– Display your Facebook friends.
– More button to load more posts without reloading the page
– Ability to update your Facebook status.
– Ability to view and add comments.
– Uses AJAX technology to load content (jQuery).
– Session management (login//logout).
– Comments integration using AJAX as well.
– Responsive layout (display also fine on mobile devices) Updates
25 May 2014
– Updated the app to the latest Facebook API v2
– Updated the app with the latest Bootstrap framework
9 Dec 2012
– Update to the latest Facebook SDK and API changes
– Better comment display and new comment posting
– Improved the timeline display
– Added a responsive design to make it display also fine on the iPad and most mobile devices
– Added the ability to post of his friends wall right from the app
20 sep 2011
– Added OAuth 2.0 support Live demo
You can try a demo on this page. WordPress version available
Get the WordPress Facebook Client

Mobile version available
Get the Mobile Facebook Application

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