Gamba Facebook Friends and Groups Autoposter v1.4

Gamba Facebook Friends and Groups Autoposter v1.4

Facebook Emails Scraper is now available Version 1.3

Seems like just today there has been some new development in FB API and it is no longer possible to post to CLOSED/SECRET groups via any app token. We had implemented links to get HTC token etc in about to be released v3.0, but this new problem just started happening today. We hope it is some bug in FB API, but it seems like you can only post to groups you manage, or groups that have PUBLIC privacy, from now on. We will continue investigating this issue and try to find some alternatives, but no promises.
 Changes log
  • some bug fixes
  • Post image
  • design Change
    Added features
  • Time delay incresed
  • installation system
  • posting Pause
  • Reporting system
  • and many more
    Get instance support Installation tutorial
    Version 1.2.2
    Get accesstoken using graph api or HTC application or your own app click on this link
    Setting up access token
    Video preview
    This is an autoposter that you can use to post to facebook friends timeline, groups you administer and one that you have joined. The script helps drive traffic to your business page, website or blog at no added charge.
    Put your FB Marketing on Cruise Control For support ,customization or installation Use our support system or email me via

      Features :
    • No More FB Jail!
      With out post scheduling system, we keep you out of FB Jail, that is our guarantee to you!
    • Unlimited friends and groups Lists
      Create friends and group lists to post targeted messages into specific niches Never post to the wrong groups again!

      – Super easy user interface
      – No facebook app ID / Secret needed -Multi-user system
      – Ability to use personal facebook access token
      Updated to Version 1.1
      Added Features

      1. Setting access token page added
      2. Admin Panel
      3. Delay between Posts
      4. Groups and friends are shown in list form
      5. Updated to bootstrap 3 .
      6. new look
      7. Image post and video post
      8. Time the posting will take and time countdown
      9. able to go to posted status

      Demo Version
      Demo admin user username admin password admin123 user
      username: wanjiru password: wanjiru if the above users arent working please create an account
      You can use your own access token with permission to get users friends
      Update 1.2

      1. Admin Dashboard with ban user, delete user, active user and many more.
      2. User interface improved
      3. post to random friends
      4. simple installation with wizard
      5. Fast loading
      6. Mobile Friendly
      7. More items by wanjirujosphat

        Twitter tweet scheduler, AutoDM  and autofollow Tool for Marketing Gamba Facebook Friends and Groups Autoposter v1.4