Encoder PLUGIN for PHP Encoder & Obfuscator

Encoder PLUGIN for PHP Encoder & Obfuscator

Encoder PLUGIN for PHP Encoder & Obfuscator
With this Dynamic Encoder script you can make your PHP source code even more unreadable for normal people but the skript will still work on your webserver. This is very useful when you give a script to someone but you don’t want them to view your php source code.
This script is a PHP source-code encoder. It provides anti-theft protection for your scripts and functions by allowing you to encode and encrypt your php source code. This online tool use also PHP to protect your code from reverse engineering and modification.

Main Features

  • ENCODE ONLY PARTS With this Plugin you can Encode only a single Function or a small Part of your script and you dont need to encode the hole file!


If your php source code don’t work please give us not a bad rate, please take a look at the documentation of teh main script “PHP Encoder & Obfuscator”. If this is not helpful contact our support, we will do everything so that our product deserves a 5 star rating! Thank you very mutch.


We sell this software exclusively for PHP Encoder & Obfuscator.
It does not work standalone!


 Version 1.0 (09.2015) NEW - Release of this Script on CodeCanyon

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