v2.1 released! Feb. 13th, 2012
Admin page updated. You can now add extra fields to users, edit and remove them. v2.0 released! Feb. 02th, 2012
Admin page created to megage the users and the events

  • Add, delete and edit email user
  • Add and delete event

EmailReminder is a web application that informs its users by an email of approaching expirations dates and deadlines.
It can be integrated into any existing PHP page within minutes using a simple file configuration.
The application is fully customizable and currently the default configuration is (1,2,3,4,5,7,10,15,20,30,45,60). Meaning, the user will be informed 60 days prior to the event then 45, 30, 20 and so on.
username: admin
password: admin Log webpage
here you can see the log page
Crontab required
In order to utilize EmailReminder on a daily basis, Crontab is required.

Supports MySQL 4.x or later
Supports PHP 4.x or later

The application EmailReminder presents a logfile (text version) in addition to a webpage, which displays the logfile in a table. Logfile

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