Easy Gallery

Easy Gallery

With this class you can easily create a gallery of images and thumbnails for your website. Key Features:

  • Easy to use set of functions
  • Gives you the ability to create a image gallery with 3 lines of code
  • Allows images to be sorted by name, date, or size ascending or descending
  • Well documented
  • Thumbnails automatically generated as needed
  • Can be integrated into any current page
  • No specific knowledge of PHP require
  • Light weight

Usage Example 1:

<?php include('easy_gallery/inc.php'); $gallery = new gallery;
$gallery->create(); ?>

Usage Example 2:

<?php include('easy_gallery/inc.php'); $gallery = new gallery;
$images = $gallery->create(2); foreach ($images as $image){ echo '<a href="#" onclick="something(''.$image['full'].'');"><img src="'.$image['thumb'].'" /></a>';
} ?>

Demo 1: http://jacekk.co.uk/code/easy_gallery/example1.php
Shows the basic use of this system Demo 2: http://jacekk.co.uk/code/easy_gallery/example2.php
Shows how the gallery could be integrated into an existing design. Documentation: http://jacekk.co.uk/code/easy_gallery/readme.html NOTE : you need the PHP GD module installed for thumbnail generation to work. Support
If there are any problems with this item, the best place to ask is in the forum as I check that at least once a day.

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