Dynamic Multi-Language Photo Uploader

Dynamic Multi-Language Photo Uploader

High Quality Sequential Photo Uploader with Real-Time Progress Bar
Request Any Language(s) You Want To Add for FREE
Cross Browser – Works on IE7 & All Desktop/Mobile Browsers Without the Need of Installing Any Extension at the Client Side
Responsive & Easy to Build – Plug & Play Dynamically From One Place.
Fully AJAX’ed with Error/Timeout Handling
Full Clear PDF Documentation From A to Z and Clean/Light Code – No JQuery
Friendly Quick Support and Help
Only PHP 5.5 or higher at server side – NO requirements at client side FEATURES

  • Cross browser, supports also IE7, works on all mobiles (iphone, android, ..), tablets, desktop browsers without the need of installing any extra extension
  • Provides error/timeout handling and “Retry” button when upload fails due to server or internet connection
  • Easy installation in few seconds, you need only to create a container in HTML & to fill a JavaScript initialization code with your own custom parameters
  • Full customization from one place, many parameters like the dimension of the uploaded photos/thumbnails, the signature to place on photo, number of uploads, minimum photo dimensions required, minimum size required, formats allowed & more!
  • Supports different languages dynamically, we will add any language as per your request for free
  • Provides real-time progress bar and full status of upload
  • Responsive and can fit any HTML container width
  • Sequential upload to save the server bandwidth (performance)
  • Control the image quality (compression ratio)
  • Crop feature to produce thumbnail – you can customize the desired width and height
  • Thumbnail preview after upload and photo preview when clicking on the thumbnail
  • Control the number of uploads as you wish
  • Add a label (signature) on the uploaded photo
  • Very elegant and modern design


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