Doctor Assistant

Doctor Assistant

Search The Doctor & Make an Appointment

1. Search doctor by his name or department name and make an appointment from the landing page. 2. Managing appointment from patient panel. 3. Notice doctor about appointment.

e – Prescription

1. Complete appointment list. And select to create new prescription. 2. Complete prescription with Height, Weight, Blood Pressure, Problem to Eat, Next Appointment, Disease Name, Medical Test and Medicine Dose.

Admin Account

1. Admin can create and manage Doctor Department, Creates Doctor & Assistant. 2. Admin can reset password for any account.

Doctor Account

1. Doctor can prescribe by this account. 2. Doctor can view the prescription list. 3. Doctor can view appointment list.

Assistant Account

1. Assistant can view the appointment list for an individual doctor.

Patient Account

1. Patient can make doctore appointment. 2. Patient also can view the prescription list.

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Doctor Assistant