Codebase Business Directory – PHP Script

Codebase Business Directory – PHP Script

Codebase Business Directory Pro is a business directory script written in PHP. It is feature rich and designed with fast page load times in mind. Page load times and website speed can greatly impact your search engine rankings so having a fast site can give you an edge over your competition.

  • Google Maps API support
  • Paypal IPN support
  • Custom billing plans
  • Translation ready, including Admin Area
  • Subcategories
  • Login with Facebook, Twitter
  • Templates support for easy integration with an already existing site
  • Responsive design
  • Rating system
  • User review system
  • Cities, states and countries support
  • Create custom pages and menus
  • Multiple currencies support
  • Fast support
  • Availability for script customisation
  • SEO optmized, friendly URLs, powerful meta descriptions
  • Fast page load times

How is it faster

  • this script is not a WordPress Business Directory plugin. WordPress is already not very fast and introducing another layer such as a business directory theme on top of it will make it even slower;
  • this script doesn’t use a PHP framework. It’s pure PHP code. This makes it perform faster and is also good for longevity because frameworks tend to be discontinued very quickly. Instead of frameworks, this script uses tested libraries for some specialized tasks such as Swiftmailer for email, hybridauth for social login, bootstrap, select2, summernote, raty for front end functionality.

Pingdom Test Results 92/100:
Perform the tests on our demo site here:
Business page!/f0l1y/ Listings page!/bEK9eY/
Please note that most of the actions are disabled in the admin demo such as editing/deleting users, listings, configurations, etc.
pass: 1234
pass: 1234
User Guide
Please access the user guide at:
Latest Version
The latest release is currently v.1.03. Version 1.04, as of 30th june 2016 is near completion.

  • PHP 5.5+
  • MySQL 5.6.*+ (Requires FULLTEXT search in InnoDB)

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Codebase Business Directory - PHP Script