Cargo Management Software

Cargo Management Software

Cargo Management Software
Cargo Management software is a web-based application that is used to organize and facilitate a business transaction data for delivery of the goods or services of packing and freight services. This application is equipped with facilities for checking tariff freight from city to city with the size of a certain weight, other than that the customer can also find out the position of the goods that have been sent if it is up or they get to the city where. There are 2 kinds of shipping options that delivery standards and fast delivery, of course the price will be different.
In this application is equipped with the right health insurance for each user, Administrator, Operator, and User where the menu will vary each level. With the expected level as the operator will facilitate owners in conducting business courier services because usually there are businesses in the city or a few cities.


  1. The user can check the shipping fee rates before transaction.
  2. The user can check the position of the goods mails anytime anywhere through web-based applications, because there is already tracking menu.
  3. Multi-user level, Administrator, Operator and User.
  4. More detailed transaction reports by date range.
  5. Recent security.

Demo : admin Password : demo1234
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