Beta Splash Page Email Signup Form

Beta Splash Page Email Signup Form

Beta Email Signup Form
This is a very simple, yet stylish, form for your website where visitors can enter their email address (and name if desired) to be added to a contact list. It uses AJAX to submit and validate email and will also function if the user has JavaScript disabled.
Installation is quick and painless. This form does not require a database to function as it will create and store input into a CSV file.
In a nutshell:

  • Very easy to install and customise
  • Room for name field as well as email address
  • Basic email validation included
  • Works without a database
  • AJAX form submission but it does not rely on JavaScript
  • Secure password protected CSV download (live preview allows public to download only for testing purposes)

You can access the live demo with:

If you have require any assistance or customisation of the form please use our contact form

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