AdvPlugin – Advanced Plugin System

AdvPlugin – Advanced Plugin System

AdvPlugin is a complete Plugin System in a PHP5 Class Way with you can easy:

  1. Set a plugin dir. With this, in each load or any function you don’t need to type again the dir!
  2. Activate/deactivate plugins
  3. Load activated (or not) plugins
  4. Get plugins information, like author, name, description, version….
  5. Easy to develop the plugins. The only thing that requires this system is a little commented header with the plugin information
  6. Get activated plugins
  7. Get existing plugins
  8. Load plugin if only it is activated
  9. Load plugin activated or not
  10. Load all the plugins existing in the directory
  11. Check if a plugin is activated
  12. Calll a function with different names
  13. Make hooks (Hook System)

… and a lot more!
– Call a function with different names
– Hooks System added

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