3D Printing Calculations API Clients

3D Printing Calculations API Clients

Calculate the volume, area, bounding box, build time and facet count of a 3D mesh using RESTful API. Supports these 3D formats

  • STL (Binary & ASCII)
  • 3DS
  • OBJ

Extensive documentation is provided. A comprehensive README file is included to get you started right away. Sample 3D mesh files (STL binary and ASCII) are also included for your convenience. Making 3D calculations has never been this easy. Grab this mega product now and monetize your 3D printer!
Client side implementations are provided in four popular languages:

  • PHP
  • Python
  • cURL (for the command line junkies)

I already have all your 3D calculators as PHP code. What’s the big deal about this product ? Glad you asked Well, this is a fully integrated product. With this product, you don’t have to worry about server-side memory management. All the calculations happen in the cloud on dedicated hardware. The code is also optimized for fast numerical computations. There is support for STL (both binary and ASCII), OBJ and 3DS formats already and soon there will be support for other popular 3D formats. You will get access to all the advanced features as they get released! While the PHP scripts are OK for starters, for a booming 3D printing business you need to bring in the big guns Example
Here’s how to use this web service via cURL:

    curl -X POST  -F "api_key=your-api-key"  -F "datafile=@your-model.stl"  --url http://manifold.metamatic.us/v1/compute/

    e.g. JSON response:

    { "task_id": "67cdd36a-b53b-427e-8f97-42d62a46c1d5" }
    curl -X GET  --url "http://manifold.metamatic.us/v1/compute/?task_id=your-task-id" 
  3. e.g. JSON response:

    { "volume": { "value":63999.92980959427, "UOM":"mm3" }, "bbox": { "value": { "width": 40.0, "height": 40.0, "length": 39.99999809265137 }, "UOM": "mm" }, "area": { "value": 9599.993515016226, "UOM": "mm2" }, "time": { "UOM": "s", "value": { "min": 2666.663742066428, "max": 7999.991226199284 } }, "facet_count": { "value":12, "UOM":"#" },

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All the calculations you need – available in one place. Upload, compute, quote.

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