Reverse Pc Controller

Reverse Pc Controller

Reverse Pc Controller is a remote administration tool that use reverse connection and multi-threading to connect the Server application with one or multiple client (Asynchronous) that let you to send/receive command, retrieve information of every type
30 function already present in 3 different class, easy to implement with only 1 line of code (to see all the function continue to read)
Only need to open the selected port in your modem and not in the client modem
Full Source code included
Reverse Connection
fully commented source code
Host resolver build in (without external service)
Asynchronous Connection
Auto Reconnection
Example function (msgbox and close application)
Easy to implement new function
Function to Receive message or command from the Client
Function to send message or command to the Client
Use No-IP Host and customizable port for the connection
Already contains command send and command receive example
Function already writed but not implemented:
Every function is really easy to call and use, only 1 line of code
 (only need to send the command from server to client and call the function)
Class Utility:
Encode a string to Base64
Decode a Base64 to string
Encode a string to MD5 Hash
Get Desktop Screenshot
Get Process List
Kill Process
Get Clipboard Content Type
Get Clipboard Text, Image
Set Clipboard Text, Image
Open a file
Get Mouse Position
Convert Byte to Megabyte
Convert Byte to Gigabyte
Show and Hide the Taskbar
Open and Close the Cd Tray
CMD shutdown, restart, logoff and hibernate
CMD Custom Command
Class Info:
Get RAM size
Get drive Type by letter (Cd rom, Hard disk, usb)
Get Motherboard information
Get Processor information
Get the Screen Resolution
Get the computer installed Language in different format:

  • Initials
  • ShortISO
  • ISO
  • Windows
  • Name
  • Native
  • EnglishName

Get and Set OEM Information:

  • Manufacturer
  • Model
  • SupportHours
  • SupportPhone
  • SupportURL
  • LogoLocation

Get the WEI score:

  • Base
  • Processor
  • Ram
  • Gpu
  • GameGraphics
  • HardDisk

Class Security :
 Check UAC State (Active, not Active)
Set UAC state
Check Task Manager State (Active, not Active)
Set Task Manager state
Check which port is open
Fully commented Code
Asynchronous Connections
Easy connected Server management
Listbox with every connected user
Listbox with ID, ip, Name and OS of the connected Users
Right click on user for send commands
Function used to send and receive commands
Function to generate unique ID for each connected user
Use of TcpListener and TcpClient
Auto delete a server from the list when is not reachable or is closed
Auto accept the connected servers
Auto retrieve the information from the connected server
Very Easy to add function or send command
Already contains command send and command receive example

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