PureHRMS- HRMS & Project Management Tool

PureHRMS- HRMS & Project Management Tool

Introduction ( Version 1.2)

PureHRMS is a solution for all startups and organisation who want to manage there employees or organisation in an efficient way from attendance to leave tracking. PureHRMS is a full featured web application/software which will solve all your needs of managing your employees.

Quick Features are listed below :

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

You can see FAQs below to get answere of some common questions. What is included when i purchase ? – A web application which you can upload on your server. – ALL SOURCE CODE – A database which you need to restore on your server – 24×7 Support Included I am not technical, can you help me to upload (or make it live) ? Yes, we will help you just buy a domain and hosting on which you want to make it live. Moreover if you don’t know anything about domain and hosting or have any query , drop us a mail. Can i see live preview and documentation of the application ? Yes, we have made 1.2 GB of tutorial containing 10 videos to help you understand each section the the application. please click here to see full details and live preview. What are the technical details required to host this application ? – ASP.NET 4.5 (MVC) – MS SQL 2008 R2 or + – Windows Server – You can get in touch if you have any query.

Login Details

USERNAME: support@purehrms.com PASSWORD: 12345

Change Log (Current Version 1.2)

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