Workout Timer And Chronometer – 2 IN 1

Workout Timer And Chronometer – 2 IN 1

About The Application :
Workout Timer & Chronometer is a user friendly application that helps the athlete to manage and control the time of his physical exercises.
This app can be used not only in the sport domain but any any domain you want.
It comes with 2 applications in 1:

  1. The timer : Helps the athlete to create his own workout and save it into the database. This workout contains the work time, the break time and also the number of laps.
    After each period a notification sound will be fired in the last 3 sec to inform the player to start the work or to take a break, and after finishing the workout another notification sound will be played to inform the player.
  2. The chronometer : Helps the player to monitor the workout time and also save laps into a list with the lap time and the total time.

Features of source code :

  1. AdMob Integration (Banner and Interstitial).
  2. Very easy to customize and reskin.
  3. Sound effects.
  4. A Timer application.
  5. Add, delete or edit a workout.
  6. A workout has a number of laps, work time and break time.
  7. Timer has Start, Pause and Stop Buttons.
  8. A chronometer Application.
  9. Chronometer has Add Lap, Start, Stop and reset buttons.
  10. A custom list of laps.
  11. Clear graphics at all screen resolutions.
  12. Animations.
  13. The code contains 5 different themes ready to be used.
  14. The code contains also 3 languages ready to be used (English, French And Arabic).

What You Get :

  1. Java, XML and APK files.
  2. GIMP files :
    1. All the activities graphics.
    2. The application logo
  3. A documentation of the app that includes :
    1. How to import the application using android studio.
    2. How you can change the images.
    3. How you can change the backgrounds and texts colors.
    4. How you can change sounds.
    5. How you can change a text.
    6. How to change AdMob settings.
    7. How to add the predefined language (English, Arabic or French).
    8. How to add the predefined Themes.
    9. How to change the application icon.
    10. How to change the application name.
    11. How you can change the package name.
    12. How you can export the apk file.

Updates :
In case of any bug we will be delighted to fix it and update the source code.
Other Apps you might like : Notes :
This Application was developed using Android Studio.
Demo :
Download the demo apk.
The admob will not work correctly in this apk because We don’t have an admob Account.
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