Which Way – Admob + IAP + Promo Codes

Which Way – Admob + IAP + Promo Codes



Hi, we are andropro, our first game which is “Canyon Flight” was the most popular item in codecanyon when we put it in codecanyon, now here is our second game. Which Way is a game developed by three developers which are android developer, designer and musician in two months and we have decided to sell it in codecanyon. In other words, It is our MASTERPIECE. We believe that this game is the one of the best games in codecanyon. It has potential to compete with popular puzzle games such as “Cut the rope”. It based on an idea which is totally unique and addictive. Besides the codes we will give you a bundle as a gift. There are details below.

TRAILER: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YY756NCUhBw


  • Made with libgdx.
  • Eclipse & Android Studio Project (There are tutorials to import both of them).
  • Completely prepared for codecanyon. You can configure ads, logo, splash and all other settings in five minutes.
  • In-App Purchases. (Remove ads)
  • Admob ads both banner and interstitial. Also, modifiable ad frequency.
  • You can add as many promo codes as you want.
  • Vip Promo Code, It removes all the ads and unlocks an extra chapter, which includes 12 levels. (For your friends, etc.)
  • Normal Promo Code, It unlocks an extra chapter, which includes 12 levels. (In order to encourage review websites to review your game.)
  • Minimalist and charming graphics made by professional graphic artist.
  • 7200+ supported android phones. (It works perfect with google nexus as well)
  • 70+ modifiable levels designed by professional designer.
  • You can modify any level as you want. There is also a tutorial for that in files.
  • There are six chapter in game, every chapter includes different features like “cut the rope”.
  • Programmed by a professional developer by industry standarts.
  • Perfect stability, maximum performance and responsive design.


Which Way Bundle</

  • Full documentation and tutorial to set up your game in five minutes. You can customize everything.
  • Psd files, promo video, 5 different resolution icons and designed screenshots for market page.
  • Free sound effects and menu music composed by a professional musician.
  • FREE ASO (also text) for keywords based on popular puzzle games like “Cut the Rope”.
  • 100+ submission websites and networks for android games. Thus, you can promote the game after release.

It is the one of the best games prepared to sell in codecanyon. Also, a perfect investment for android.
You can contact with me for questions or any kind of problems whenever you want: brexima@gmail.com

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