To Do App – Swift 2.0

To Do App – Swift 2.0


This is a simple yet nice to do app fully coded using Swift 2.0. It allows the user to create new tasks, sort them by using drag and drop gestures, delete them by swiping over them and even set them as completed by double tapping them.


– iPhone & iPad support: Works on any model of this family of devices.

– iOS8 & iOS9: Specially coded to work on the last OS major updates.

– Flat design: It has a flat design matching current web design trends.?

– Easy customization: Using the Storyboard, it is easy to change colors and fonts.

– Use of Storyboard: In order to provide a visual reference and speed up development.

– Clean & commented code: The code tries to be as basic as possible and there are comments on the most important parts.

– Auto resize with all devices: The UI adapts itself using NSConstraints and shows or hides certain elements to fit all screens.

– Animated: Certain elements are animated in order to bring a nice feeling on the app.

– Gesture based: Delete, set as completed and sort tasks using common gestures.

– Swift 2.0: Coded using Swift 2.0 to give you the latest update of the new programming language of Apple.



– Google AdMob support added

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