The Quotes Garden v3.1

The Quotes Garden v3.1

The Quotes Garden App for Android is native Android application for the personal developmen through motivational quotes, seccess, inspirational …etc, The quotes are stored in SQLite database, you can add unlimted quotes, authors and categories. The application use the latest features of Android platform to provide the best user experience . It is specially optimized to be extremely easy to configure and detailed documentation is provided.

Demo APK :


  • Local SQLite Database with 1000 quotes
  • Material Design
  • Browse quotes by author and category
  • Search for authors
  • Save favorite quotes
  • Quote of the day
  • Notification
  • Quote Reader
  • Google Analytics
  • Set the time of Quote of the day by the user
  • Sharing quotes
  • Home screen widget
  • Unlimated categories, authors and quotes
  • Google plus animation
  • Load More Quotes Button
  • Copy Quotes to Clipboard
  • Splash Screen & Rate My App
  • Change screens to RTL
  • Admob banners & Interstitial ads
  • All Graphical files

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Update v3.1

  • Adding Next/Previous quote buttons
  • Code optimization

Update v3.0

  • Migration to Android Studio
  • Material Design
  • Support older versions of Android
  • Google Analytics
  • Code optimization

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The Quotes Garden v3.1