Strew On Lawn Game

Strew On Lawn Game

About this game…

This play is to garden the ground with strewing on lawn using of the box-of-lawn. On the condition that kinds of bugs is just by going up to there, strewing can be just done in keeping off those or catching in the garden. Let’s take care of the lawn to be good-looking!
Please check out the demo.

Some Descriptions

  • This item is a C++ project on VS2012 using cocos2d-X 3.2 library. That project includes all resources of this game.
  • All the Image files and Sound files that included, you can use them in your other projects.
  • This item includes one game apk file.
  • This item is very easy to reskin to other you want.


  • Supports Android 2.1 onwards
  • Uses cocos2d-X
  • 24 levels
  • Very funny

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