The game is clone of the ketchapp Splash game. The game is a score based arcade game. The purpose of the game is jump over the spawn cubes and reach to high score. Every time you jump over the cube the scale of the cube is going down and the game would be a little harder to play every time you jump. Except this in the you can count coin. You can use this coin for buying new color themes for spawned cube. The main object(player) of the game is a ball for the jump over the spawn cubes you should tap on screen.
The game is simple to reskin and all game options like game speed, cube colors, ball speed and etc. is stored in “gameManager.cs” script.
You can download game and try from here: https://yadi.sk/d/BfcJsdeLqMcxT

  • Unity3D
  • Android SDK
  • StartApp integrated
  • Easy to reskin
  • Support different screen resolution
  • Support Phone & Tablet
  • Game sound, Menu sound, Quality sounds
  • Sound On/Off options
  • Google Play Leaderboard integrated
  • Game Manager integreted

Documentation is available here:http://docs.bilkobilisim.com/splash
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