Space Rocket – Android Arcade Game

Space Rocket – Android Arcade Game

‘Space Rocket’ is a native Android game written in java, with Android Studio. The aim of the player is to move the rocket by pressing on the screen. The game finishes if the spaceship runs into a planet.
Check out the Demo on Google Play

  1. Includes interstitial and Banner Google Play Services Ads – Make money from Ads easily.
  2. All Graphics included – All sprites are also in .ai format.
  3. Google Play Leaderboard – Scores are uploaded to a google Play Leaderboard for everyone to see.
  4. Video Tutorial Included – A video tutorial is included for a quick start.
  5. Top Score – The game saves the Best Scores on the user’s Device.
  6. Share on Facebook and others – Lets user choose where he wishes to share his game screenshot.
  7. Restart Feature – Player can restart game after game over.
  8. Rate Feature – The app asks the player to rate the app after 5 games are played to make it easier for players to give you a good rating.
  9. Very easy to customise – Most of the code you need to customise is in one xml file, Strings.xml.
  10. Pause Feature – Player can pause the game at any time by pressing the back button.
  11. Sound Fx and music – Just replace the placeholder sound fx and music to have music play in the background

Music and Sound Fx Used

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