Social Network App – Multi-Purpose

Social Network App – Multi-Purpose

Full Social Network App
This app gives you the ability to start your own Social Network. Note: project moved to Android Studio IDE
Change Log (new features & some issues fix)

  • Build web version not completed (login/logout/share)
  • Ability to send direct message to users
  • Ability to search for users
  • Add disclaimer page
  • image optimization
  • Fix utf-8 problem
  • Show wait dialog when press publish button


  • Login / Registration
  • Add Posts (With an Image or Without)
  • Set Privacy For Posts (To Public or To Followers Only)
  • Add Comments
  • Like/Unlike/Share Posts
  • Follow/Unfollow Users
  • Change Profile Information
  • Cache System For Better Performance
  • PHP Backend
  • Inegrated with Admob

CPanel Features (So Simple)

  • Control Posts (add/edit/remove)
  • Control users (edit/remove)

Anyone find any issue or need any help please contact me via email(
We do not provide a demo APK since this would be sensible for fraud
You can check out the screenshots, those will certainly create a great impression of what you’ll get!

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