Particle Music Player

Particle Music Player

Particle Music Player is fully native application for iPhone. With this application you can play songs from your music library and view particle effects that will speed up or slow down based on average sound power in decibels.
Application displays music files order by song names, grouped by artist name or grouped by album names. Tapping on song will start music player which you can open from navigation bar where play icon will be displayed if music is playing. Player has standard features: previous and next song, play or pause, repeat and shuffle. In settings user can share application info on Facebook and Twitter or this info can be shared via mail. Player supports 6 different particle effects: sun, heart, skull, star, bokeh and magic.
Project includes Retina support (4G & 4S high resolution graphics).
Particle Music Player features:

  • music player with particle effects
  • sound power based effects
  • six different effect to choose from
  • intuitive use od SpriteKit
  • list of all songs, grouped by artist or player
  • native share on social networks
  • background music play
  • UI created in Storyboard
  • non-Retina & Retina support
  • no 3rd Party libs/frameworks
  • and much moreā€¦

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