Parrot. – AdMob,in-app purchases,leaderboard,and more!

Parrot. – AdMob,in-app purchases,leaderboard,and more!

Overview Parrot is simple funny game with addictive game play , just click and hold in the right moment release so to get up to the next level you can play with a parrot fish or parrot drone or parrot bird , no more talking. start learning and playing in a journey now with parrot and his friend help them to get filthy rich and knock the enemy ,  try to reach the last word before your friend start talking about this game , enjoy ! Features – 10 seconds from launching the game to playing it.
– HQ graphics and parrot character
– more than a Hundred Level to end the game
– a new runner parrot mission
– One finger controls How to Setup and Reskin

  • Import Project into Xcode.
  • Change Package ID, Version ID, App Name.
  • Setup new icons, launch screens, localization and meta-data for your app
  • Change ID for Ad Networks.
  • Update Review Us URL.
  • Configure Game Center.
  • Change Atlases file with new images
  • Export Project and upload to itunes.

Demo Parrot Credits GameAudioSource’s “Upbeat Casual Loop 3

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