Nimble Mermaid Game With AdMob

Nimble Mermaid Game With AdMob

About this game…

There is a beautiful mermaid who travels under the wonderful sea. The talented mermaid goes on her way despite the offensive jellyfishes disturb her trip. Endlessly… endlessly…
The item is packed with AdMob template. You can exchange the AdMob Publish ID and make money only for you…
Please check out the demo.

Some Descriptions

  • This item is a java project on Eclipse. That project includes all resources of this game.
  • All the Image files and Sound files that included, you can use them in your other projects.
  • This item includes one game apk file.
  • This item includes three PSD files used making the resources of this game.
  • This item is very easy to reskin to other you want.


  • Supports Android 2.1 onwards
  • Enable AdMob instantly
  • Uses cocos2d
  • Unlimited level
  • Very funny

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