MapList Activity

MapList Activity

MapListActivity is a library that allows developers to easily create an activity with both map and list.

  • The list can be hidden simply scrolling down.
  • Map auto-fit the points of interest locations.
  • Map and list items and markers can be different.

Try the demo on Google Play Store:
You can use this library in two ways:

  1. the first one, more complicated, is to edit the library and the MapListActivity itself according to your app purposes.
  2. the second one, is very very easy: you can extend MapListActivity

All the documentation (tutorial and javadoc) is included in the package.
Project and library are made with Android Studio 1.5. Maps embedded in this activity are obtained through Google Maps Android API V2.
In the demo app, all points of interest (intended as images, titles and description) are obtained through Google Maps and they are properties of Google Inc.

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