Item Finder MarketPlace Full iOS App v1.6.3

Item Finder MarketPlace Full iOS App v1.6.3

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App Features:

  • Localization Ready!
  • iOS7 BLUR – NEW
  • User can Add/Edit/Mark Item – NEW
  • Offline Usage
  • User Reviews
  • Promotions
  • User Profile
  • Social Login (Twitter/Facebook/Web)
  • AdMob
  • Folding Transition
  • Cool Mobile UI Interaction
  • Waterfall Collection View display on items.
  • Share to Facebook
  • Share to Twitter
  • Call Integration
  • Email Integration
  • SMS Integration
  • User can add Item to Favorites.
  • Advance Search
  • About Us Panel Added
  • Terms & Conditions Panel Added
  • User can edit its Profile
  • Image Pinch and Zoom
  • Supports 3.5/4 inch Screen Display.
  • Supports 64 bit Architecture.
  • Native iPhone 6/6+/6s/6+s screen resolution support

PHP Features

  • Can manage users by allowing or denying access.
  • Unlimited Category and SubCategory creation, modificaiton, and deletion.
  • Item creation, modificaiton, and deletion.
  • Photo Upload via URL or by File.

The PHP Backend Files were simple, WYSIWYG, which means What You See is What You Get.
The best part of it is we included the script for creating your JSON and everyting being handled by the PHP Backend, and its just easy as changing the URL. Indeed! very easy!
By our Rules: Server Access will be given to those who have purchased to avoid bombarded with updates or changes that might buyers testing the server with confusions. So please bear with us. Server Url, Username and Password credentials were included in the Zip file once you purchase. Thanks!.

Support Guidelines:

  • We will Support you as much as possible
  • We will only cater support within the app fixes, bugs or some lightweight changes, any strong modification of the code which includes total changes of the app like functionality removed or functionality added will be not entertained.

Support Guidelines Requirement:

  • Please include as much information as possible.
  • If you ask us for support service/bug fixing — please, include the following information:
    • Your purchase code. Messages without purchase code may be ignored.
    • Link to your website
    • Website Admin: login and password
    • Please make sure that all access details(login/password/etc) are correct.
  • Additional information (such as FTP details and access to the database and hosting control panel) may be requested if necessary.

We will support you until the end of the world so nothing to worry about

Change Log

Version 1.1 (July 22, 2014) Initial Release Version 1.1 (July 23, 2014) Fixed Ad duplication Added UI removal condition when syncing photo fails. Some UI Adjustments. Added iAd/AdMob banners on other listing Some bug fixes. Updated AdMob SDK to 6.10 Version 1.2 (August 04, 2014) PHP/iOS App Update to work with Location based listing Added Publish/UnPublish item to temporarily disable it Update search to work with nearby searches at a certain radius. Adding new item now can use phone camera to capture. Fix some photo sync issues. Ranks Item per nearest to farthest distance. Fix some issues regarding selection between user items and overall items. Fix Edit Item cause to appear issue when multiple user item is clicked. Some data call adjustments to refresh at a certain time when it access the geolocation update. Custom geolocation implementation that turns off the location update to improve battery life. Version 1.3 (September 16, 2014) Fixed crashing issue when you unpublish apps. Sublevel category fix crashing issue. AdMob latest SDK update. Some small fixes. Some UI adjustments. Version 1.4 (September 30, 2014) Web backend added pagination in displaying news. Updated to work with iOS 8. Remove folding animation. Version 1.5 (January 18, 2014) Fixed issue email not being save in backend. AdMob update to 6.12.2 Fixed nearby search bug. Adding notification ticker when no result in promotions view. Fixed location service error upon turning off forcefully. Added: When location service is turned off, cached stores and images is shown instead of blank display after a popup. Version 1.6 (September 05, 2015) Native iPhone 6/6+ Support AdMob update to latest version. UI Adjustments. Remove User Items in home screen to avoid clogging of items. Splash screen added for iPhone 6/6+ Search Adjustment if the nearby search is turn on and the NO Sorting is selected, still it will arrange all the items in distance. PHP backend updated to work with Android Version. Recommended to fully migrate from 1.5 code to 1.6 code due to Android Scripts and adjustments were modified and added. Automatic view adjustment when it detects large screen display (6/6+) Added Camera support when editing items. Does not support iOS9. It will be updated once there is an official public release. Version 1.6.1 (September 24, 2015) Splash image causes to error that says it is not a png fix. Version 1.6.2 (September 24, 2015) Backend update for rest service. Adjustments for Item description 800 chars to 500 chars Version 1.6.3 (September 24, 2015) iOS9 Update Security updates for Transport Policy URL Scheme update Updated Google Admob

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