iOS Parallax News

iOS Parallax News

iOS Parallax News is Swift based application, which is closely integrated with WordPress. This means that in few steps you can have iOS app, which will add additional value to your WordPress website.
The app has two alternative views of the articles. One of them is with nice parallax effect of the article’s featured image, while the other one is a simple view, where only the post’s title is displayed.
All of the categories are placed within a nice sliding menu, which means that you can filter the articles by category.
iOS Parallax News comes with a detailed documentation, where all needed information is provided.

iOS Parallax News Features</

  • Written in Swift
  • iOS 8/ iOS 9
  • Two Alternative Views: Parallax and Simple
  • Left Sliding Menu
  • Simple Set Up in Few Steps
  • Easy Customization
  • Detailed Documentation

Latest Versions:

Version 1.0 (05/05/2016):

  • Initial version

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