Ionic Mobile App Builder

Ionic Mobile App Builder

Ionic Mobile App Builder is a web base tool to build a template code for Ionic Framework and also build applications for data storage media.
Components used Ionic Framework, Cordova, along with plugins combined with Ionic Material. And a data storage medium is a WordPress REST-API, or also able automatically create WordPress Plugin. or using other storage media such as firebase, drupal, and other cms. We use JSON format, if your cms support JSON, this tool also support.
You could even make it easier without touching HTML/JS/CSS using this tools, if you need custom also support for that

We update every week, and many features not yet show here. Please see the live preview to make sure.
News: to Use New Feature:

Change Log 16.06.13 - Current Version
- Add variable to menu column for support @utf8 label (thank @Rungsan Suyala ).
- Add Per args for WP Plugin Maker (thank @Macromind)
- Add Per args for PHP + MySQL
- Add example picture (Thank to and dotNet Photograhy)
- Fix youtube issue in PHP + MySQL Generator (thank @sebaryco)
- Fix youtube issue in WordPress Plugin Generator (thank @sebaryco)
- Add trust url for video, audio, iframe
- Fix popover in tabs mode (thank @auliamuslim)
- New features crossdomain check
- New features resources generator

For this month we should focus on documentation, many features that do not have documentation. for additional features will be processed next month. If you have interesting ideas, just submit in ticket, We do not guarantee it will make it, depending on demand and the level of difficulty.

Generator for REST-API only for this tool, not all features WordPress Plugin Maker Product

Ionic Package (Mobile), not all packages GUI-VisualEditor, If you are interested in GUI-Visual Editor, buy GUI-Visual Editor Product



if you get error or something problem, see this Faqs, If no solved, contact our email info[@] or use support system or . If it is possible, I am also willing to help you with TeamViewer / remote desktop or FTP / cpanel.


Trouble with your hosting, we can not help. This Ionic App Builder must be able to create a file (code) not database, edit and put through the process of zip, as well as upload download. Not recommended to use for the public, because of security risks. So do not use this tool of public services.

A helpful Guide</

Change Log, (v16.06.01)

- Add new feature unicode converter
- Fix refresh pulldown (thank @farzanfx)
- Fix download (thank @Callehost)
- Fix security issue
- Add avoid crawler bot, using robots.txt and noindex nofollow
- Add credits menu

Change Log, (v16.05.23)

- Add new feature Custom JS (AngularJS directive)
- Add new feature RSS To JSON Convert
- Add domain whitelist (Dashboard)
- Add download button project and output (Dashboard)
- Fix delete button (Dashboard)
- Add column type youtube (Table)
- Add column type web view (Table)
- Add column type google map (Table)
- Fix column type video (Table)
- Fix column type audio (Table)
- Add preview of column type (Table)
- Add button lock for protect pages (Page)
- Change Logo and background browser to KCFinder(Page)
- Add hero background (Page)
- Fix css output (youtube, audio, video output)
- Fix main CSS/JS

Change Log (16.05.10)

- Add new Color
- Add column type audio
- Add column type social share
- Add fetch per scroll option
- Add new Template table (rest-api1, rest-api2, woocommerce, job_listing) - Add page info (example code and variable)
- Improve PHP+MySQL
- Improve WordPress Private Plugin
- Auto Register support system
- Add new Feature Custom CSS
- Update Ionic framework 1.3
- Fix Description on Dashboard Tab (tinymce issue)

Change Log (16.05.02)

- Improve Page, TinyMCE Ionic Button Plugin
- Emulator Add Button Stroge Clear and New Windows
- Page type Webview

Change Log (16.04.27)

- Add HTTP Auth Basic (username/password: regel)
- Fix Scrolling issue
- Fix PHP+MySQL issue non-utf8
- Page Type (Iframe)
- Table JSON Costum Variable 

Change Log (16.04.20)

- Add Extra Tool-PHP+MySQL Generator for REST-API (for Other CMS/PHPMyAdmin as backend)
- Improve Extra Tool-WordPress Plugin Generator (Icon Picker, Wp Media/Image Upload)
- Add Change Emulator Button
- Add Single Template (Heroes Style) in Tables Tab
- Fix Permission Issue
- Fix Extra Tool-JSON 

How To Update

- Backup/copy-paste projects folder to other folder
- Overwrite all files/folder with new file ionic app builder
- Restrore/copy your projects to ionic app builder again
- Then change permission all file folder projects and output (chmod 777) 

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