How Old Do I Look

How Old Do I Look

Analyse & Detect to know how old you look and your gender using gallery or camera!
It calculates how old you look to the outside world by analysis the wrinkles on your face, eye, smile, hair color, surrounding, face shape and the ratio of your faces on the photo you uploaded.

  1. HOW TO PLAY : CAMERA MODE #########
    1. Press ‘Camera’ Image Button to open camera
    2. Take a photo of your face or your friend faces
    3. Press ‘Detect’ button.
    4. Share the result with your friends to have fun!
  1. HOW TO PLAY : OWN PHOTO MODE #########
    1. Press ‘Gallery’ Image button to choose your photo from gallery
    2. Press ‘Detect’ button.
    3. Share the result with your friends to have fun!

You can rotate picture when needed.
Admob & Google analytics integrated & Eclipse Import.
We are using APIs from third-party, please check terms of use there:
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