Fortin Social Network – Full Application – Ionic with Admin Panel

Fortin Social Network – Full Application – Ionic with Admin Panel

Fortin Social – Full Application – Ionic with Admin Panel is a Full Application build with Ionic Framework powered by Apache Cordova and Angular JS, This is not a Template it is a Full Application with Bootstrap based PHP Admin Panel and MySql database. It comes with Google Admob and Google Analytics Integrated with Cordova Plugins. This application has unlimited customization possibilities and can act as starter application for your next social application.
Admin has Full Control over the Posts, Users and Photos posted by users.
Tested With Android & iOS.

Demo Apk – Sign up to use UserName: admin Password: admin@123 Please Note that we have disabled the data adding functionalities on the demo server for security reasons.

Video Tutorial For App Setup
This Application is build on Apache Cordova, Angular JS & Ionic Framework so I would request you to just go through these frameworks and have its basic idea

Apache Cordova:

Angular JS

Ionic Framework
Along with the above links, I’have already documented some of the steps which will help you to get started with the application

Get started With Ionic

Add Custom Icon & Splash

Create A New Post – Can include hashtags along with text

OneSignal Push Notifications

Followers / Following / Suggestions / Follow / Unfollow

Select Multiple Images for Post

Pull To Refresh

View Other Users Profile – Follow / Unfollow

Settings / Edit Profile & Logout

Comments & Likes to Post

Checkin Nearby Places

Delete Post from Profile

Login & signup

Admin Panel

Update -May 18 2016

  • Can Include Hashtags with text while creating new post
  • Trending hashtags
  • Can search by #hashtags just by clicking on hashtags
  • Ability to Delete the self post from profile view.

Update -May 5 2016

  • OneSignal Push Notifications for Feed Comments & Likes. We have used onesignal push notifications which is totally free and have provided detailed documentation for the same.
  • View Other User’s Profile
  • Added Loaders in various Screens
  • Ability to Unfollow Users

Initial Release April 28 2016

  • Build with Robust Ionic Framework
  • Feeds, Posts, Comments, Likes, User Profile
  • Users – Followers, Following and Suggestions
  • Pull To Refresh & Infinite Scroll
  • PHP – MySQL Based Admin Panel
  • Admin can Flag Users, Photos & Posts
  • Upload Multiple Photos with Photo Gallery
  • Image Slideshow in Feeds
  • Checkin – Nearby Places – Google Places API
  • Tons of Customization Possibilities
  • Admob & Google Analytics Integrated

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