Find Pearl

Find Pearl

About the game
The Game<Find Pearl> belong to the series of “FIND”.The game can help you improve analysis ability of  your brain.
Click the play button the shells start swapping,you can click the shell that there is pearl you think when shells stop swapping.It is funny,Let’s play it ,Good Luck.
It edit use Adobe Flash Professional CS6,it published “AIR 4.0 FOR ANDROID”,and the project was coded with ActionScript 3.0 in Adobe Flash CS6. The main source file of project is “FindPearl.fla”, which also was included to purchased archive. The project was compiled for Adobe Air and was published to *.apk file. Adobe Air Runtime was also integrated into *.apk file, so you don’t need to install Adobe Air on your device. 
It is easy to change “AIR FOR IOS” then for AppStore sales.

  • Simple, Cool,Interesting.
  • Easy to play.
  • Easy to embedded in yourself web pages.
  • Level number can add or delete freely.
  • Use MVC Frame.
  • Background music included.Also stop or play.
  • AS3.0 Version.
  • Flash CS6 Edit
  • 10 levels included.
  • Add the times of swapping on each level.More level more times.
  • Add the food number.
  • It is very easy to increase or decrease levels
  • It can be customized easily. Instead of yours graphics easily.
  • It can published “AIR FOR IOS” for AppStroe sales.

Admob(New Add Function)
Admob added (New Function):
    You can instead ad for your own easily.change ad id.
Re-skin game:(so very easy to re-skin,even if you are not coder)

How to use
Editing software:
     Flash builder or Flash CC(or Flash (professional x),use it you can change anything for your style.
    You can download the .apk file to you android device to test it any time.
Here is .apk file with demo Flash:
Update is FREE!
If you have other custom requirements,you can contact me freely.thanks.
If you have any question,please contact me freely.thanks.
Warm Prompt:
If you use it as a business purpose please buy Extended License,Thanks!

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