Cowboys Vs Zombies – Reward Video Ads

Cowboys Vs Zombies – Reward Video Ads


Not so long ago everywhere was peace.
Then one day Zombies come to life.

Only The Braves one stand against them.
Few Brave Cowboys stand to defend earth, from Zombies to occupied it.
Help them to make impossible mission, of saving the world possible!!!


  • Simple Gameplay – Touch And Drag To Move
  • Endless Fun
  • Elegant Scary Art
  • Scary Smoothing Soundtrack
  • Compete with Friends, Family with Game Center Leaderboards!

Source code with Universal Support.
AD Networks:

  • Chartboost
  • HeyZap

Artwork Included with .PSD file

Try It

Cowboy Vs Zombies On iTunes Store Cowboy Vs Zombies On Itunes Store

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