Circulating – Multi Character, Leaderboard, AdMob

Circulating – Multi Character, Leaderboard, AdMob


1.1 Fixed AdMob Interstitial Ads On Game Over Screen
1.2 Fixed collision of object
Tap your way up through the spinning Circulate shapes and obstacles, and collect as many stars as you can. Simple one-touch game controls make it easy to play, but difficult to master! How high can you fly?
Collect Start for In Game Purchase of Multi Character Selection.

  • Simple One-Touch Gameplay
  • Endless Fun
  • Elegant Minimalistic Art
  • Soothing Soundtrack
  • Compete with Friends, Family with Game Center Leaderboards!

Source code with universal support, Phone and Tablet support.
AD Networks:

  • AdMob Banner
  • AdMob Interstitial Ads

Artwork Included with .PSD file


Circulate Game .apk

How To:

How To:

  • Import Project into Eclipse.
  • Change Package ID, Version ID, App Name.
  • Setup new icons, launch screens, localization and meta-data for your app
  • Change ID for Ad Networks.
  • Update Review Us URL.
  • Update More Game URL.
  • Configure Game Center.
  • Change Atlases file with new images
  • Export Project and upload to Play Store.

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