ChatUp – Material Android Chat Template

ChatUp – Material Android Chat Template

ChatUp is an android chat template designed using the android material design guideline. It is based on the popular “WhatsApp Messenger”. This template is a redesign of the latest version of WhatsApp Messenger at this moment.
If you looking to add a material touch to your existing or new project, then ChatUp is what you need. We help you build your project faster. Just do the backend coding, and we will help you with the front end

  • Chats Screen
  • Contacts Screen
  • Calls Screen
  • Messaging Screen
  • Dialog Profile Preview Screen
  • Profile Activity/ Page
  • Status Activity
  • Profile Settings Screen
  • Notification Setting Screen
  • Chats Settings Screen
  • Accounts Settings Screen
  • With many more

This is not a full android chat app. This is just a redesign of the popular WhatsApp Messenger.

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ChatUp - Material Android Chat Template