Android UI Material Design Template

Android UI Material Design Template


This project was created in order to facilitate the use of the elements UI in the design of Android applications.
We tried to create 19 unique color themes, any of which you can use in your project. No more need to spend great amounts of time on graphic design, download our library and TemplateStyles will do everything for you!


  • 19 color themes;
  • 16 custom views;
  • 8 stylized standard views;
  • Material Drawer;
  • Ads integrated;
  • Using Android Studio;
  • Clean Code;
  • Ease of use of the library;
  • Load and use custom fonts;
  • Avoiding the use of bitmap files in the design elements;
  • Material design in accordance with the “Google guidelines ”.




You can see the documentation for the link.
The library includes the following views:

  • Buttons;
  • TextField;
  • CheckBox;
  • RadioButton;
  • Switch;
  • SeekBar;
  • CircleProgressBar;
  • LinearProgressBar;
  • WaterProgressBar;
  • Spinner;
  • ImageView;
  • SvgView;
  • FAB;
  • ListView;
  • Cards;
  • EditText;
  • Toast;
  • Tabs;
  • SnackBar;
  • Notifications;
  • Dialogs;
  • Marker;
  • Note;
  • TextView.

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Android UI Material Design Template