AirFox Classic Game

AirFox Classic Game

AirFox : A good game is not always a fancy game filled with 3d monsters and high-tech aliens. We believe simple ones are the best. The ones that entertained us in the old days and the simplicity was relaxing and fun ! They simply make our childhood dreams. The classic oldies that really never get old.In AirFox, we travel to the 80’s and the cartridge games age. We bring you back to that childhood dream of playing an airforce pilot, sent to big missions to defend their country. about this game : This is a game template,it is made from scratch using BuildBox drag & drop platform , You can reskin and use this game template to publish your own game in Google Play. This is a complete game, so, there is no need to code. App Reskinning is very easy for this mobile game template. The game template includes ad networks: AdMob . There is AdMob banner on a game menu and on game over screen. and a AdMob Interstitial on the game over screen and pause screen. -If you are new to gaming, don’t worry I can create a custom package just for you to submit to store. Provide me with the following: Game Name Bundle ID Leaderboard ID Review Link Ads Network ID of your choice (Admob, Chartboost, Revmob, AppLovin, LeadBolt, Playhaven, Vungle, MoPub, HeyZap) check out the demo APK Features:

  1. Includes interstitial and Banner Google Play Services Ads – Make money from Ads easily
  2. Google Play Leaderboard – Scores are uploaded to a google Play Leaderboard for everyone to see so you can challenge the other players
  3. Top Score – The game saves the Best Scores on the user’s Device
  4. Restart Feature – Player can restart game after game over.
  5. Pause Feature – Player can pause the game at any time by pressing the back button.
  6. sound on and off Feature – Player can turn sound on or off by pressing the sound button.
  7. more than 20 levels divided to 3 levels of difficulty.
  8. the game has no end so there are a hundreds hours of playing .

i wish you like my game and enjoy playing it .. if there is any question please let me know

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AirFox Classic Game Space Fighter - Android Game