Advanced Social Network App – Multi-Purpose

Advanced Social Network App – Multi-Purpose

let’s build our real social network
with this Advanced Social Network App
here are some of the amazing features that it has
Update 22/05/2016:

  • Fix bugs

Update 18/03/2016:

  • Add Image loader
  • Design improvements
  • Add sideBar for chat
  • improve notifications system
  • Fix some bugs …

Update 25/01/2016:

  • New features
    • Fix backend issues and upload videos

Update 19/01/2016:

  • New features
    • Add emoticons to Messages and comments
    • Add cache
    • Fix some issues
    • Update the documentation
    • Design improvements

Update 08/12/2015:

  • New features
    • Conversations:
    • Unread counter
    • Delete a specific conversation
    • Search for a specific conversation
    • Floating button to start a new conversation
    • User status indicator
    • Friends list (chat):
    • Show online/ offline friends
    • Messaging:
    • Copy/Transfer/Delete a specific message
    • Show profile by click on toolbar
    • Seen Message indicator
    • Profile Activity:
    • Show user information
    • Show gallery(Pictures&Videos uploaded by user)
    • Show user posts
    • Show user friends
    • Settings Activity:
    • User can Manage the application as he want
    • User can customize the application
    • FeedBack Activity :
    • User can send feedback
    • Notification :
    • Get notification when someone accept your request friend
    • Get notification when someone like /comment your posts
    • a new customize notification (show notification with a profile picture)
    • Other :
    • Replace Follows System with Friends System
    • Mention a friend in posts
    • Comment counter
    • New design
    • Share a video from user device
    • custome message if there is no data
    • access to user profile by click on image in the header of drawer
    • Admin panel :
    • Admin can change the password and see his profile
    • Admin can manage (feedback/comments/..etc)
  • Fixed issues
    • fix disclaimer issue
    • and fix ads issue

Update 23/08/2015:

  • New features
    • Reset password option
    • offline mode
    • share images via chat
    • improve chat page design
    • add message to home screen if there’s no posts
  • Fixed issues
    • fix swipe to refresh issue
    • and fix some UI issues

update 19/6/2015:

  • Add #hashtag option, with ability to see posts with the specific hashtag
  • Receive Notification when someone commented to your post
  • Image Optimization
  • Fix some issues

update 30-/5/2015:

  • Add suggestions in the search page
  • Fix some issues

Home page:

  • News Feed: Display posts from people you are following and who you have as friends
  • Links Preview (when you post links, details like title,description are pull and displayed).
  • Youtube videos Preview.
  • Show shared Location in Map.
  • Edit/Report/Delete post.
  • Like/Dislike post.
  • Comment/Delete in post.
  • Full screen view for shared photos.
  • Download shared photos.
  • Set shared photos as Wallpaper.
  • Play youtube videos in full screen inside the app.
  • Share post from the app to other social networks (facebook/whatsapp/google+ …etc).

Publish page:

  • Ability to share current place using GPS.
  • Ability to Share photos.
  • Ability to Share youtube videos.
  • Ability to Share links.
  • Set post privacy.

Favorite Page:

  • Contains favorite posts.


  • Account activation via E-mail (can be enabled/disabled from the backend).
  • Search for users.
  • Follow/UnFollow users.
  • Contact users.
  • View users’ profile.
  • View users’ posts.

Messaging System:

  • Fast and real time messaging.
  • Notifications.
  • Last Messages.

Settings Page:

  • Change avatar.
  • Change cover profile.
  • Change job.
  • Change address.
  • Change username.
  • Change E-mail.
  • Change Fullname.

Disclaimer Page: Notifications:

  • Show notifications when a new message is received.
  • Show notifications when another user start to follow you.

Admin Panel:

  • Manage posts.
  • Manage users.
  • Manage reports.
  • Manage messages.
  • Settings.
  • Change disclaimer.

a webhosting is enough to start your own social network:)
You can check out our video as well as the screenshots, those will certainly create a great impression of what you’ll get! We do not provide a demo APK since this would be sensible for fraud

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Advanced Social Network App - Multi-Purpose Social Network App - Multi-Purpose Whatsup Messenger UI Template