xBreadcrumbs – Dynamic & Expandable Navigation

xBreadcrumbs – Dynamic & Expandable Navigation

xBreadcrumbs WordPress Plugin is Also Available

Enhance your website’s navigation with dynamic breadcrumbs that can expand, contract, and drop down sub-navigation menus!
xBreadcrumbs (Extended Breadcrumbs) is a jQuery plug-in for creating beautifully styled, dynamic, and categorized breadcrumbs for your website. Breadcrumbs have been a standard user interface feature on websites for years, and they are an excellent way to let your users see the path they took to arrive at the current page, or to see how it fits into the overall hierarchy of your website. xBreadcrumbs enhances the standard breadcrumb interface by introducing drop-down menus for a clearer context and easier navigation, as well as the ability to collapse inner crumbs for deeply nested pages. Collapsed breadcrumbs will expand upon hover, making this feature perfect for preventing long breadcrumb trails that detract from the overall website design. xBreadcumbs works with unordered lists (UL/LI), so your breadcrumbs will be fully optimized for search engines, and if your existing breadcrumbs are already in this format, installation is a snap!

  • Lightweight jQuery Plugin
  • Unobtrusive Script & Simple to Setup
  • Compatible with All Modern Browsers
  • Easy to Integrate with Popular CMS’s
  • Supports Long-Text Paths
  • Supports Click & Hover States

Change Log


  • jQuery framework upgraded to version 1.11.0
  • Added configuration options “breadcrumbsShowSpeed” and “breadcrumbsHideSpeed”.
  • Improved animation of breadcrumbs in when “collapsible” mode is turned on.


  • Initial release of xBreadcrumbs Plugin

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