VirtualSpaces – Virtual Chat Room

VirtualSpaces – Virtual Chat Room

DEAR CUSTOMERS: At some point in the near future, DesignSkate will be moving its products to its own website client portal due to the Envato fees becoming too great. We are earning $5 on a $20 item, which is unacceptable and we are unable to support our developers for this fee. Our client portal will be created with our current customers in mind. Any existing owners of the product will be able to activate their licence and receive free ticket based support on our own website. Thank you.
VirtualSpaces is a socket powered virtual chat room for your website. Powered by Node.js and, providing a responsive chat room for your users to enjoy.
By purchasing VirtualSpaces, you will receive all future content free of charge. We hope to expand this product with your help! Shape its future by providing your feedback to our developers.


  • Multiple chat room support
  • Fluid chat system which feels fast and fun
  • Multiple avatar support
  • Integrated chat

Server Requirements

  • Node.js

Node.js & can be installed on a Linux/Windows machine, alternatively you can use a service which provides node.js instances to use this product.
Product Updates
Update 1.0.1 – 29th February 2016

  • Player avatars should no longer flicker on mobile devices.
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