TurnBook – FlipBook All in One

TurnBook – FlipBook All in One

TurnBook is simple, easy to use PDF converter to HTML5 magazine pages. Its using powerful HTML5 & CSS3 advantages and No Flash required. TurnBook is a NoSQL project and works only drag/drop project folder to your server after a few settings.

How it Works?

Well, It’s uses text-based JSON file as a database. No need any initialize big database servers. Also this application uses GhostScript for convert PDF to JPG images. Check out please How to Install GhostScript on Your Server. Because TurnBook does not work without GS. Also GS must be accessible globally on your bash/terminal/etc. Check your PATH settings if it’s not work properly.

Watch in Action on Youtube

Thats it!

Happy publishing


  • 22.9.2014 Update Version 1.2
    • Fixed PDF filename issue

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TurnBook - FlipBook All in One HTML5 AngularJS Music Player