Swift Box – jQuery News Slider and Viewer

Swift Box – jQuery News Slider and Viewer

Display news from different sources and display them in an unique environment. Swift Box is a an innovative jQuery slider meant to allow you grouping multiple contents and sort them by date. Fully responsive, adapt itself to any screen and container.

Spread contents from everywhere

Given different sources, the plugin automatically fetches last news and sort them by date.
Every box can have unlimited sources, you can mix contents from: any RSS feed, Facebook pages, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest, Google+, Soundcloud, Tumblr and also manage inline contents.
Do you want to display latest Tweets and posts from your corporate Facebook page and also latest posts from your blog’s feed? No problem, the plugin handles everything for you. Titles, links, images, lists, tables: everything is collected and ready to be used.
News Box is also fully responsive and mobile optimized to guarantee a perfect content display on any device.

Maximum flexibility

As per LCweb standards, every Swift Box element is customizable. There are more than 40 options to set it for your needs.
Two main display modes (vertical, horizontal), horizontal image mode, boxed layout, commands nestable in 8 different positions, lightbox integration and date format are just a small examples.
Also fetched contents can be filtered by a powerful system, allowing you to strip and remove unnecessary html tags.
Of course also slider timings are fully manageable, with the ability to create also a stunning continuous slider effect, perfect for breaking news bars.
Take a look at the playground!

Easy to customize

The plugin has been created to be styled with the minimum effort possible and, yes, you can use different styles in the same web page!
Create a skin is as simple as copy/paste one of the three basic themes already included in the package. Give a name to your style, replace the base selectors and it’s ready to be used!
Everything can be customized: sizes, colors, paddings, margins. Swift Box automatically reads your changes and adapt the rest!

Immediate setup and multilanguage ready

The major nuisance for webmasters is learning to use a new tool. Understanding its usage, the required libraries and its placement is often difficult and a waste of time.
With Swift Box you have just to write just a bunch of code to create have a working system. Everything is automatic: required libraries and themes are loaded by a smart system, using only what you need.
This means lighter code, faster loading pages and a short learning curve, leaving you more time to customize the plugin using the many options explained in the documentation!
Swift Box is also ready to be translated with ease. Date strings are neatly splitted in arrays, that you can overwrite during the plugin initialization.


  • jQuery v1.5 is the minimum requirement (v1.7 to also use lightbox)
  • Due to API restrictions, Twitter usage requires a proper server, running PHP


See the changelog here

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