jQuery Socialmix Timeline

jQuery Socialmix Timeline

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Socialmix is a jQuery plugin for creating responsive timeline layouts. Mix different feed types in a single timeline and they get sorted by date.

Social media feeds</

Get feeds from major social media. Mix in a single timeline :

  • Facebook page posts
  • Twitter timeline
  • Google Plus page posts
  • Youtube uploaded videos
  • Vimeo uploaded videos
  • Rss/Atom feeds and JSON custom data


JSON Data</

Load data from JSON files. Use your own JSON web service for populate Socialmix Timeline with data from your database. Extend Json format and html template with your data. <

Php scripts </

Easy back-end installation allows you to hide all your social API-KEY and speed up response time using a cache. Just put your social API-KEY in the PHP setting file. (Php required only for social media feed ). <

Responsive Timeline</

One column, two columns or sidebar. Socialmix changes automatically to the best layout to fit in its container. <

Responsive Grid</

Responsive Grid Layout. Three column or for column Socialmix changes automatically to the best layout to fit in its container <

Gutter and Margins</

Use “gridCardMinWidth” , “timelineCardMargin” , “gridCardMargin” properties to change the timeline card density. <

Powerful filters</

Filter cards by date, custom tags or social media. Add custom tags to each feed or use auto generated dates and social media tags. <

Translation & i18n</

Translate all html texts and change date format and date locale in a single place. <

CSS3 Animations</

Choose between six card animations : fadeIn, slideInUp, slideInDown, fadeIn, fadeInUp,fadeInDown <

Three skins available ( .less included)</

Socialmix has three different skins. You can change skins or easily create your own. <


Integration with Magnific Popup responsive lightbox to show full screen image, gif and videos.

Features and Options

  • Display your social cards using timeline or wall layout
  • Timeline layout with One Column or Two column mode
  • Use Socialmix as sidebar widget
  • Awesome modern Wall layout
  • Set cards margins and size
  • Powerful filters. Filters card by: date, social media, custom tags
  • Five cards animation: slide-in, slide-in-down, fade-in, fade-in-up,fade-in-down
  • Three skins with .less included
  • Customize skins adding your css or editing .less file
  • Hide all filters
  • Hide filters one by one
  • Sort custom tag
  • Show custom tag in card footer
  • Set number of cards to display
  • Change locale language for date and time
  • Change date format
  • Easily translate text template
  • Hide all your social API-KEY in a php file
  • Activate backend CSRF protection and set allowed host
  • Speed up response time activating cache
  • Use your own custom data and extend the base format
  • Set carousel height


  • To work with facebook, twitter, google plus or rss/atom is required a PHP server and install the script included in this plugin.
  • To get facebook, twitter and google plus feeds you have to get social API-KEY and to put it into a php settings file.

What customers say


  • v1.2.2 May 16 2016
    • Fix Compatibility jQuery old version
  • v1.2.1 May 9 2016
    • Fix showAllFilters
  • v1.2.0 May 6 2016
    • Added new demos
    • Added card animations
    • Added Grid Layout
    • Improved filters functions
    • Added ligthbox for image and video
    • Added yotube feed
    • Added vimeo feed
    • Fix date filter for Rss feed
  • v1.1.1 April 22 2016
    • Update DateTime function for new apple devices
  • v1.1.0 April 18 2016
    • Added translation system
    • Sorting cutom tags
    • Improved filter system
    • Added Filter by date
    • Added filter by feed source
  • v1.0.1 April 2 2016
    • Bug Fix change locale and date format
  • v1.0.0 March 22 2016
    • Initial release

More information about changelogs and updates see our changelogs page


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jQuery Socialmix Timeline