HTML Before-After Viewer | jQuery plugin

HTML Before-After Viewer | jQuery plugin

For the WordPress plugin version you must look at this file

Main Features

  • Gallery that can show one or a list of before/after items
  • Lightbox feature that can let users open and see images full-window
  • Fixed or Responsive size
  • Gallery can be use in 3 different ways: – Simple page block – Simple page block with lightbox button – Lightbox only, that can be opened by a button
  • Option to add a link on item captions
  • Ability to use simple images, without the before&after tool


BIG UPDATE: 11 May 2013 – Version 2.0
New additions: – lightbox feature
– tweaks to improve compatibility with uses in tabs
– support for links on captions
– a code generator tool, to help easy generate viewer code.

Version 1.5 – 26-dec-2012. – tweaks for touch interface: draggable slider on touch – removed the jQuery-Draggable plugin and replaced with a custom script to prevent compatibility issues – updated included version of jQuery to version 1.8

Before After Viewer

Javascript jQuery plugin
- It can handle one before-after project or a list.
- Every project can have a title/small info, that will displayed under the viewer.
- Designed to work in all major browsers and even on touch devices.
- Can be used even as simple image viewer, if you don't provide the alternate image for the projects.

You can post ideas for improvements in the comments area. Thanks.

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